The Story
World water day is an important day for Singapore as we do not have natural water resources. More education is needed for the public on conserving water. Band of Doodlers created a non-profit project where a group of illustrators come together to create a colouring book for the public. each illustration touches on the various steps and methods we can work towards saving water. My illustration focus on dishwashing - we can save water by washing all the dishes together at the same time. 
The Process
I composite the illustration of all the type of dishes having a hot bath together like they were in an onsen. All the dishes are smiling happily because they were enjoying a bath together while helping to conserve water. I added more lines in the illustration to make it interesting and not too simple even though it is for a colouring book. The illustration will still look simple and nice even when it is in black and white.

Final look of colouring book cover

Final artwork

Work in progress

Initial sketches

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