Sticker Making and Pet Portrait

A friend of mine mailed me a stack of sticker paper for me to try out.

I have been wanting to make my own stickers and postcard that I even invest in a good printer for it. However I have yet to figure out what's the best paper and sticker papers are suitable.

So far the prints have disappoint me - maybe I use the wrong setting, maybe the paper wasn't really suitable. it's quite devastating to me.

Anyway so i try printing on the sticker paper I had received. BUT i have trouble with the alignment.. seem like I could get 1 whole row of design in the perfect place but the rest of the 80% design went way off. I got sadden by it.

Then I stop testing further anymore with the left over sticker paper staring at me on the table.

Feeling that it's such a waste to throw them away so i started doodling and posted on my IG Story to see if anyone would like to adopt the random doodle - I have no use to keep them anyway, so might as well do a giveaway!


Well, except for the last one with the girls. I kept them for myself.

Then a friend of mine wanted a pet portrait for her bunny.

some #peelporn of tape from the painting~! such therapy to watch.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

See you next time.

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