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Hi ! Hope everything is fine so far!

So I have decided to join the Pameran Poskad exhibition this year. I was contemplating if i should join as the timeline as pretty tight when I found out about it. In the end the deadline was extended due to the Covid-19 circuit breaker extension so I decided to just do it.

I had joined the Poskad exhibition 2 year back if I remember correctly. That time I did a couple of acrylic paintings and embroidery on canvas. So this time I think I would delicate fully to embroidery as I have been making embroidery badges for a while now.

A little background on Pameran Poskad, a group exhibition of postcard-sized artworks in any medium and format. A portion of the sales of artworks will be donated to their designated charity, Beautiful People.

Bliss : 6cm x 10cm, embroidery on cotton fabric

Wish : 6cm x 10cm, embroidery on cotton fabric

Apart from these 2, there is one more in progress. Next step would be binding them to make into badges. They would measure about 6cm (w) x 10cm (h), I would say its pretty big for a badge but is really suitable for display on bags, especially tote bags. I'm totally in love with tote bags.

Stay Safe & Healthy!

See you next time.

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