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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Hi there!

Actually I have been wanting to start a blog at some point of my life, kind of documenting my journey of being a part of the creative industry and also a bit of living a proper life.

I have been procrastinating until this current Circuit Breaker measure came in and I thought I should have time to craft something out. Now that it have been 2 weeks into the circuit breaker (obvious procrastination going on) and I am finally starting.

Why? Because today, our government announced an extension of this circuit breaker period till 1 June. yep 4 more weeks.

So I have 6 more weeks of time on hand right. I should really JUST DO IT.

Week 01 (6 April - 12 April)

I received some sticker paper from a friend and tried printing on it. After that I doodle on the leftovers and randomly post a giveaway on instagram asking if anyone would like to adopt them. Out of the 4, 3 was adopted and sent out. It was quite fun.

Week 02 (13 April - 19 April)

Revisit my passion for embroidery and start making more embroidery badges.

Intended to update the Online Shop with these new babies for May, now seems like it need to postpone a while more. While I believe sending out local mail would not be much of an issue, there might be some international shipping issue in some countries for now.

I will share some sneak peak for now :)

Oh, I have also re-look into a packaging box instead of a plastic holder to keep the badges. It's a step to being environment friendly. The brown kraft box are hand folded and made myself. It makes the whole item even more unique and extremely hand made!

That's what I have documented myself so far.

I feel that we are really fortunate to have our government implementing strict measures to control this horrible virus. At the same time i have also anger issue with those who can't seems to understand and trying to break these necessary measures. Oh well, everyone have their reasons some way or another.

Of cause I am really grateful to all medical works, front line workers who are risking their safety and health during this circumstances. A big thank you for all the hard work and i believe we can get through this together if we all do our part. #stayhome

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